Merrilee Myers

I have owned a home in Pocono Lake PA for the past 17 years. It was a weekend, holiday and vacation retreat for my husband and myself and our children. I always knew that when I retired I would want to live here permanently. Last year that came true when I did actually retire from my position as a Legal Assistant for the Managing Partner in a major New York law firm.

I never considered another career until I ran into an acquaintance who happened to suggest that I consider getting a real estate license and that it would be a great opportunity for me now that I lived here permanently. He mentioned that his brother-in-law had a real estate business and he was looking for someone to help him in the office. I actually became quite enthused with the idea and now several months later I have my license and I work in my friend's brother-in-law's office.

I realized while studying for my real estate license the importance of loyalty, honesty and commitment are truly the backbone of a good agent. I believe myself to be such a person in my personal life and I intend to be in my life as an agent. I am looking forward to expressing this through my business relationships, whether in assisting in buying a home, selling a home or any other transactions that come about. I want people to walk away happy and satisfied.